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World Fightsport & Martial Arts Championships 2019

World Cup 2019

Am 18.-20. October 2019 in Nordhorn / Germany

(Address is right on the German and Dutch border)

Forms/Kata, Self-Defense, Breaking,
Point-fighting, Lightcontact,
Kick Light, Fullcontact, KI Rules, Muay Thai,
Grappling and MMA Amateur
If they want to be representative /
president of their country.
In what martial arts you wish to be
representing the country?

( ) Tatami sports (Forms, Point-fighting,
Light Contact, etc.)

( ) Ring sports (Full Contact, KB-Lowkick,
K-1 rules, Thai boxing, etc.)

( ) MMA (MMA, Grappling, Bjj, etc.)

please to contact. Email:

World Fight Sport & Martial Arts Council